[ Electrical & Computer Engineering ]

C++ Software Applications

Custom Audio VST Plugins

Safety-critical Autonomous Train On-board controller


AudioWorks DAW

Finance algorithmic trading platform

Data Structures and Algorithms Using C++

Embedded & Real-time Systems

TI TM4C123 Bluetooth Fitness Device Project

General Motors Sponsored Project

Keil MCB1700 Evaluation Board Projects

ST32 F401RE Board Projects

Flipper Zero Projects

Robotics & Control Systems

Autonomous Mobile Robotics (Turtlebot)

MindStorm Gumball Robot

Line Following Robot

Linear Flexible Joint (Quanser) System

Ball on Beam Balance (Quanser SRV02-Series Ball) System

Analog and Digital Controls with Simulink and LabView

Signal Processing

Custom Audio VST Plugins

Non-C(++) Software Applications

Custom tailored time management app (Python/Flask)

Nodal micro-blogging app for artwork (Python/Flask)

Netsuite ERP (Java)

eSolutions CMS (C#)

MATLAB for academic purposes